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Oil and Gas Update for 3/24/2017 – Trump Derails Obama Clean Power Plans, PA Judge Green Lights Marketing Covenant Claim, and Pooling Clause Woes for Ohio Well Operators.

Commodity prices remained relatively flat since our last report despite another healthy bump in the national rig count.  President Trump delivered on a promise to begin the process of rolling back clean energy and climate change initiatives of the Obama Administration by issuing his “Energy Independence” Executive Order.  In Appalachia, a federal judge addressed implied duties in oil and gas leases in the context of a claim alleging breach of the marketing covenant while a Pennsylvania appellate court and a court of appeals in Ohio issued curious decisions that seem to cut against well-understood rules of interpreting oil and gas leases.  Elsewhere, a Michigan Court of Appeals blessed an order authorizing operators targeting the Antrim Shale to operate wells under

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Oil and Gas Update for 3/17/2017 – As Natural Gas Prices Slightly Rise, Trump’s Budget Cuts Hit EPA Hard and Sabine Rejection Doesn’t Survive District Court Appeal.

Natural gas spot prices continued to climb since our last report alongside a healthy rig count that gained another 21 units nationally, but oil prices still ended up around $50/bbl at the end of a less volatile week. The Trump Administration’s proposed budget cuts grabbed headlines, including a whopping $2.6 billion cut to EPA’s share of the pie.  In Appalachia, PADEP’s Secretary wrote a forceful letter to EPA Secretary Pruitt deriding the budget cuts while the courts wrangled with issues ranging from eminent domain restrictions on storage operators in Pennsylvania and limitations on forfeitures of oil and gas leases in Ohio.  In other regions, the latest decision in the Sabine saga affirms the ability to reject certain gathering agreements under

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Oil and Gas Update for 3/10/2017 – Amidst Sliding Oil Prices, TX Supremes Tackle Paying Quantities and POTUS asks SCOTUS to Wait on WOTUS.

Natural gas spot prices climbed modestly since our last report amidst a rising rig count and fledgling oil prices that dipped below $50/bbl on the West Texas index for the first time this year before inching up at week’s end.  Things are relatively quiet in Appalachia but the Texas Supremes weighed in on a case involving a claim that a well failed to produce in “paying quantities” under the familiar Clinton v. Koontz standard and Trump asks SCOTUS to hold off on deciding the prior administration’s “Waters of the United States” rule given his recent executive order that seeks to dial back on that rule.  Here’s your week in review: About The Author

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Oil and Gas Update for 3/3/2017 – Natural Gas Spot Prices Still Sliding, New EPA Chief Stalls Prior Administration’s Oil/Gas Methane Reduction Crusade; TX Supremes Toss Groundwater Contamination Claims

The Henry Hub continues to underwhelm since our last report, rising modestly after dropping to its lowest point since mid-November 2016.  In Appalachia, a court of appeals in Ohio says landmen need a broker’s license to lease oil and gas rights in order to recover disputed payments for services.  Elsewhere, Trump’s EPA rolls back prior information requests issued by the Obama Administration for data to evaluate proper methane reduction regs for existing oil and gas sites, drawing cheers from state governments and jeers from environmental groups.  In other news, the Texas Supremes confirmed that the statute of limitations bars old groundwater contamination claims while a federal court in Virginia says a royalty agreement under Wyoming law is subject to rejection

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