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At the Well Weekly – Oil and Gas Update for Week Ending 5/18/2018 – PA EHB’s Latest Decision on the Environmental Rights Amendment

Since our last report, oil prices surpassed $80/bbl before dipping slightly alongside a flat rig count and lower natural gas spot prices.  In Appalachia, the Pennsylvania Environmental Hearing Board issued its latest decision discussing the Pennsylvania “Environmental Rights Amendment” in a dispute over oil and gas well-drilling permits while a federal judge in Virginia issued sanctions to folks opposing the Mountain Valley Pipeline, forcing them out of their tree stands so clearing activities for the project can proceed. In other news, the federal government weighs in on a controversial climate-change lawsuit and a federal judge in California issued a decision on the bi-state sage grouse listing under the Endangered Species Act.  Here’s the week in review: About The Author

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At the Well Weekly – Oil and Gas Update for Week Ending 5/4/2018 – PA Superior Court Issues Controversial Decision on the Rule of Capture; WV Enacts Minimum Royalty Legislation; Texas Supremes Tackle Taxes, Rule Against Perpetuities, and Retained Acreage Provisions

After a few months off, we are back at the well for weekly updates.  The rig count surpassed 1000 units nationwide (for the first time in a long time) alongside a rise in oil prices (hovering around $70/bbl), but natural gas prices continue to underwhelm. In Appalachia, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court rejected PADEP’s continuing violation theory of imposing civil penalties for regulatory violations, the Pennsylvania Superior Court issued a controversial decision on the rule of capture and hydraulic fracturing, and the West Virginia legislature quietly enacted minimum royalty legislation while passing co-tenancy reform.  In other regions, the Texas Supreme Court remains relatively busy, interpreting retained-acreage provisions and tax statutes and deciding whether or not the rule against perpetuities applies to

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At the Well Weekly – Oil and Gas Update for Week Ending 2/16/2018 – PA Permit Fees on the Rise, Trump’s Plans for Pipelines, and “Commencement of Operations” in New Mexico

Since our last report, natural gas prices dropped alongside a flat rig count and a slight increase in oil prices.  In Appalachia, PADEP is poised to increase permit fees and is on the verge of finalizing methane-reduction general permits for new oil and gas sources and compressor stations while West Virginia’s legislature takes a step towards reforming rules governing a co-tenant’s ability to lease without the consent of other co-tenants.  In other news, the Trump Administration’s infrastructure plan seeks to quicken approvals for pipeline projects and the New Mexico Supreme Court defined what constitutes “commencement of operations” under a JOA for purposes of meeting a deadline to recover penalties from non-consenting operators.  Here’s the week in review: About The Author

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At the Well Weekly – Oil and Gas Update for Week Ending 2/2/2018 – Mountain Valley Pipeline Gets a Win; Tax Washes and Dunham in the PA Courts; Mineral Rights Part of Debtor’s Estate Per Bankruptcy Court.

Since our last report, natural gas spot prices held around $3/MMBtu and the rig count is essentially flat while fluctuating oil prices flirted with $70/bbl. In Appalachia, a pipeline project gets a victory while Pennsylvania courts grapple with tax washes and the so-called “Dunham Rule” for oil and gas reservations. In other news, a Texas court denies a landman’s claim for compensation under the statute of frauds, a Kansas court denies a lease-busting attempt by landowners, and a Wisconsin bankruptcy court held that mineral rights are part of the debtor’s estate. Here’s the week in review: About The Author

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At the Well Weekly – Oil and Gas Update for Week Ending 1/5/2018 – Ohio Supreme Court Rejects Implied Covenant of Further Exploration/Development in Oil and Gas Leases; Tenth Circuit Rejects “Marketable Product” Rule for Calculating Royalties

As we open 2018, oil prices slipped a bit after hitting a three-year high at the end of the year while natural gas spot prices got a jolt from extreme weather conditions in the northeast.  In Appalachia, the Ohio Supreme Court rejected the notion that oil and gas leases held by production from shallow formations contain an implied covenant to further explore and develop deeper strata.  In other news, the Tenth Circuit rejected the “marketable product” rule for calculating royalty clauses in New Mexico oil and gas leases.  Here’s the week in review:  About The Author

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